Thursday, 11 November 2010


New dvd by Billy Martin from Medeski Martin & Wood. Billy has a very organic approach to music and talks about jazz being an abstract term, a from of expression. man I love his approach, so check it out:

Ciao, Richie

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Innovation & Inspiration

Recently I've been playing in a Exotica/Lounge music act called Narco Lounge Combo. It really suits my playing as I like to play wth brushes and mallets but also because I have to compliment and enhance the already programmed percussion by NLC supremo Mr. Thomas. Oh and I love that kind of music too, Anyway get to the point Paradise, so I was looking at a way of adding more percussion whilst still playing grooves when I stumbled upon Billy Ward's Stickball

it's great fun but kinda hard to play drums with, cymbals are fine though. The Stick-Jingle is easier to play as it's lighter. They're not cheap though but at least with Rhythm Tech you know they're going to be good quality. Great for grooves daddio, greta for grooves.

Captain Sir Richard of Paradise

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Le Histoire

I love my drums vintage and I'm always keeping an eye out for any old skool bargains and was dead happy to pick up a 60's Slingerland recently. I've had a 60's/70's Ludwig for some time, picked up a (US) Rogers last year which was in quite a state so it's being recovered in white Marine Pearl. I also took the chance to pick up a modern Gretsch made with vintage style style. Did someone mention Vinatge and Style? Daniel Glass is the drummer for Royal Town Revue and plenty of other retro bands. he's a real scholar of the drums and has interviewed plenty of drummers from way back in the day.
Anyway his website is a mass of knowledge and retro fun

More retro fun soon,
ciao, Richie

Friday, 9 April 2010

Billy Martin of Medeski, Martin & Wood

I'm a big fan of Billy Martin. He has effortless groove plus he has the need for eternal expressionism that all Jazz Musicians should have, so basically he does some mental stuf sometime. Anyhow, check out some MMW and then a clip of a guy showing how to play one of his rhythms that uses a kinda musical illusion, it seems quicker but ain't. Dig.